Current and promising treatment options for ice dependence

    This two part webinar explored the current and promising treatment options for ice dependence. In the first webinar session held on Tuesday 23rd of July, Professor van den Buuse (La Trobe University), Professor Kay-Lambkin (University of Newcastle) and Dr Arunogiri (Monash University) provided attendees with information on: 

    • The effects of ice on the brain
    • Challenging some of the myths about ice dependence
    • Current psychosocial and e-health treatment approaches for ice dependence
    • Latest pharmacotherapies for ice dependence being trialled in Australia

    Download the PDF handout for the first session

    Watch the recording of Part 1 below

    In this second session, Professor van den Buuse, Professor Kay-Lambkin and Dr Arunogiri returned for an interactive 30 minute panel discussion to answer questions people had about the treatment options for ice dependence.

    Watch the recording of Part 2 below

    Effects of ice use during pregnancy on both the mother and baby

    The webinar provided attendees with information about how ice use in pregnancy can impact both the mother and infant, contributing to maternal complications as well as significant physical effects on the newborn infant. 

    Presented by Dr Mark Greenhalgh, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (27th March 2019)

    Download the PDF handout for this webinar

    Supporting frontline workers with key information and resources about ice

    This webinar provides information about how ice affects people and communities. It also covers worker safety as well as preventing, managing and recovering from ice-related critical incidents.
    This information is relevant to frontline workers, peer workers, health professionals and the general community.

    Presented by Allan Trifonoff and Roger Nicholas, National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA), Flinders University (21st October 2018)

    Download the PDF handout for this webinar

    Psychosis and other mental health effects of ice

    This webinar explores the mental health effects of methamphetamine (including “ice”), with a particular focus on methamphetamine psychosis – what it is, how common it is, the risk factors and how it differs from schizophrenia.

    This webinar is relevant to health professionals, families and friends of people using ice, teachers, and general community members. 

    Presented by A/Prof Rebecca McKetin (8th July 2018)

    Download the PDF handout for this webinar

    Tackling stigma in a 2018 environment

    This webinar explores Jack Nagle's personal story and experiences of the drug ice. He talks about his story, explores what it's like being a young person and how to reach young people effectively in 2018.

    Presented by Mr Jack Nagle (18th March 2018)

    Download the PDF handout for this webinar.

    Please note this webinar discusses themes around drug use and suicide. If this webinar raises any concerns for you, a number of support service can be found through the ‘Get Support Now’ link or you can call Lifeline (a free and confidential 24-hour crisis helpline) directly on 13 11 14.

    Effects of ice on the brain and body, and implications for responding

    This webinar will explain in plain language the effects of methamphetamine (including ice) on the brain and body and the resulting impacts on functioning. This understanding will assist participants to adapt and develop more effective strategies to respond to people who use methamphetamine.

    Presented by A/Prof Nicole Lee (15th November 2017)

    Download the PDF handout for this webinar

    How to support families and friends with a loved one using methamphetamine.

    This webinar describes the challenges faced by families and friends of those struggling with addiction and introduces an online support program for families and friends of addicted loved ones, which integrates the 5‐Step model (SAFE), developed by Professor Richard Velleman in the UK.

    Presented by A/Prof Frances Kay-Lambkin (4th September 2017)

    Download the PDF handout for this webinar

    Where can I find trusted evidence-based information about the drug ice?

    This webinar provides information on recent trends in use of the drug ice in Australia, and introduces a new online toolkit providing evidence-based information for the Australian community.

    Presented by Dr Cath Chapman (14th June 2017).

    How can Parents and Schools Prevent Drug Related Harms?

    This webinar provides information for parents and schools about evidence-based drug prevention.

    Presented by Dr Nicola Newton & Dr Lexine Stapinski (20th May 2015).

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