Where can I find culturally appropriate, evidence-based resources about methamphetamine?

Methamphetamine is a drug and of concern to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia. However, access to culturally appropriate and community led developed resources is limited. This Cracks in the Ice webinar provided attendees with:

  1. Information about methamphetamine and its effects
  2. An overview of the development of a culturally appropriate national website aimed to provide evidence-based information about methamphetamine
  3. An introduction to the Cracks in the Ice website for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

This webinar was presented on 16th December 2021 by Dr Steph Kershaw and Ms Katie Dean from the Cracks in the Ice team, based at the Matilda Centre for Mental Health and Substance Use. 

Download the PDF handout for this webinar and Watch the recording below:


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