Cognitive Impairment in Methamphetamine Use

This Cracks in the Ice webinar on "Cognitive Impairment in Methamphetamine Use: Perspectives from Neuropsychological Practice" was held on 5th of July 2023 at 12pm (AEST) and provided attendees with information about:

  • Cognition and signs of cognitive impairment
  • Research on cognitive functioning and methamphetamine
  • General compensatory strategies & recommendations for cognitive difficulties

This information will be relevant to health workers, people who use crystal methamphetamine, families and the general community.

This webinar was presented by Dr James Gooden is a senior clinical neuropsychologist, clinician researcher and 2021 NCCRED scholar based at the Turning Point Addiction Neuropsychology Service in Richmond, Victoria. 

Download the PDF handout for this webinar  and watch recording below. 

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