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Use of technology in psychosocial treatment for methamphetamine use

The use of technology in psychosocial treatment for methamphetamine use: Current evidence, clinical implications, and future directions

This webinar describes how telephone, mHealth (text-messaging and apps), and computer-based interventions are used in the treatment of methamphetamine use. Key elements of the webinar include: the research supporting each modality, suggestions for their use in clinical practice, technology-mediated interventions that are currently available or in development, and directions for future research. This information will be relevant to clinicians who’d like to incorporate technology into their work with this population, and to people interested in flexible ways of accessing support, beyond face-to-face counselling.

This webinar was presented on Thursday 28th January by Dr Adam Rubenis, a clinical psychologist at Turning Point.

Download the PDF handout for this webinar and Watch the recording below:

Page last reviewed: Monday, 8 February 2021