Building on Strengths: Older Indigenous people use digital technology to improve health

Digital health technologies offer a new way to build on Indigenous peoples' propensity for early adoption and innovation with technology to enhance community health. This Cracks in the Ice webinar highlights findings from three studies investigating how older Indigenous people use digital health technology. The first study used a survey to determine what technologies older Indigenous people use and which they would like to use across regional, rural and remote locations. Next, a qualitative study was undertaken with older Indigenous people living in a remote location regarding smartwatches. Finally, a third study found that older Aboriginal women have unique needs and strengths and want digital health technologies to respond to their needs and preferences. Research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women is necessary to inform the design of culturally responsible research and accessible user-focused health technology.

This webinar was presented by Dr Connie Henson on 21st September 2023. Dr Henson is a psychologist and public health researcher with a keen interest and ability to translate science into language and tools that are easily accessible for non-scientists. Her work spans conducting research informing grassroots community projects to consulting to multi-national corporate organisations. This information will be relevant to health workers, researchers, and the general community. 

Page last reviewed: Thursday, 21 September 2023