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Summary: The Family and Friends Support Program (FFSP) was funded by the Australian Government in 2016 as an enhancement to the Cracks in the Ice Online Toolkit. The FFSP is an online family/friend resilience and wellbeing program to support affected friends and family members of people who use methamphetamine.

It aims to provide affected family and friends with a tailored, evidence-informed website that addresses their needs in supporting a loved one using crystal methamphetamine ‘ice’. It also aims to provide health workers with access to training, information, and a referral pathway which assists affected families and friends they encounter as part of their usual practice.

The Family and Friends Support Program (FFSP) is comprised of two key components:

(1) an online support program - the first, and only, evidence informed program worldwide to offer 24/7 support to family members and friends affected by a loved one’s use of crystal methamphetamine;

(2) a training program for health workers – an evidence-based training and accreditation program for health workers (the 5-Step Method) to improve their capacity to support family members and friends of people with a loved one using crystal methamphetamine;

This program has been developed and is currently undergoing a formal evaluation.

Developers: Kay-Lambkin F,K; Chapman, C; Teesson, M;  Ross, K; Geddes, J; Hunt, S; Velleman, R; Velleman, G.

Year: 2016

Cost: Free. However, for Health Professionals, there are costs involved in the 5-step training. Details about the training can be found on the Health Professionals portal in FFSP (under the icon 5-step).

Evidence base: This resource has undergone expert review. Refer to FFSP program website for more information and references

Please note: In order to access the resource you will need to register with a code as either “Family & Friends” or “Health Professional”. For more details and to obtain a code, please use the online contact form for FFSP available at:

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