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Summary: Family Drug Support Online is an online counselling resource designed to provide support for family and friends of individuals experiencing problems with crystal methamphetamine ('ice') and/or other drug use. The program consists of a series of online videos following the progress of a Family Drug Support group focused on helping family and friends become more resilient and better able to cope with their relative's drug use.

This resource will be particularly relevant to those in regional and rural communities who do not have ready access to face-to-face support group meetings.

Developers: This resource was developed by Readymade productions in collaboration with Family Drug Support. Funding was provided by the Commonwealth Department of Health through the National Ice Action Strategy (2015).

Family Drug Support also provides 24-hour support over the phone (Ph: 1300 368 186). For more information visit their website www.fds.org.au.

Year: 2017

Cost: Free

Evidence base: This resource has undergone expert review.

Page last reviewed: Friday, 10 January 2020

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