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Summary:  "Beyond the Tip of the Iceberg" synthesises the latest research on to help practitioners understand crystal methamphetamine ('ice') use in Australia, how it effects the brain and behaviour, and how they can respond in a range of primary and tertiary health contexts to reduce harms and improve outcomes 

The guide covers the following topics: 

  • Beyond the tip of the iceberg: about ice 
  • Brain drain: cognitive effects of meth 
  • There's meth in the madness: meth and mental health 
  • Out of harm's way: methamphetamine-related risks and harms 
  • Breaking the ice: what works in treatment 
  • Cracks in the ice: working with families 

Developers: Dr Nicole Lee, Linda Jenner & Paula Ross, with Jenni Harman.

Costs: $34.95 (free postage in Australia)

Year: 2017

Evidence baseThis resource has undergone expert review. Refer to guide for full reference list.

Page last reviewed: Thursday, 16 January 2020

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