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Ice will cause psychosis in all people

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Talking to a young person about ice use

Starting a conversation about ice (crystal methamphetamine) or other drugs with a friend or family member is an important way of showing your support and encouraging effective communication.

Tips for starting a conversation about ice and other drugs:

    • Gather information to make sure you understand what ice is and its effects. Have a clear idea of what it is that concerns you about ice.
    • Arrange a suitable time to talk when you will have some privacy and you won’t be interrupted.
    • Ask what they know about ice; don’t make assumptions about their knowledge of the drug. Aim to make the conversation relaxed and give the person a chance to express their views.
    • Don’t tell them what to do and try not to be judgemental. When people are having a hard time, the last thing they need is a lecture. Be sure to listen and express your concerns in a supportive and non-confrontational manner.
    • Let them know you care about them. People will be more likely to listen and engage in a conversation if they feel valued and respected.
    • Be trustworthy and supportive so they know that they can rely on you in a time of need. Make sure they know your conversation will be kept confidential.
    • Let them know you are available to talk in the future.

This information has been adapted from the Positive Choices "Talking to a young person about alcohol and other drugs" factsheet

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Page last reviewed: Thursday, 20 December 2018