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Botvin LifeSkills Training

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This resource is by National Health Promotion Associates

Botvin LifeSkills Training is a drug and alcohol use prevention program that is designed to be administered by teachers.  It aims to build students resilience and assertiveness.

School years: 3 - 12

Summary: Botvin LifeSkills Training (LST) is a substance use prevention program that is designed to be administered by teachers in the classroom. The training targets the primary psychosocial factors that facilitate substance use and other risky or antisocial behaviours. Rather than focusing merely on the dangers of alcohol and other drugs, LifeSkills Training provides young people with skills to help them navigate challenging situations where they are exposed to substances and other health risks. Program materials include a teacher’s manual, student workbooks, and interactive resources (Online/CD-Rom).

Developers: National Health Promotion Associates.

Year: The training program was last revised in 2013.

Costs: Teacher training is provided in the LifeSkills Training manual. There are costs associated with the LifeSkills Training materials. See LifeSkills Training price list for details.

For some age groups, companion online resources can be accessed at no cost:

Evidence base: This resource is supported by over 20 published studies and has been shown to reduce use. Click here for a full list of studies evaluating the effectiveness of the LifeSkills Training program.

Page last reviewed: Tuesday, 1 August 2023