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Methamphetamine E-Learning for frontline workers

This resource is by RACP.

This resource provides an e-learning course to help frontline workers respond to methamphetamine use.


Summary: An e-learning course that aims to help frontline workers more confidently respond to use.

The resource includes a podcast (approximately 25-min) featuring expert insights from addiction specialists as well as a skills toolbox that draws together information covering the following topics:

  • Methamphetamine in Context: Exploring the prevalence and representation of methamphetamine in society
  • Managing Methamphetamine: Approaches to dealing with methamphetamine presentations
  • Looking After Yourself: Resources for medical professionals' wellbeing
  • Background on Methamphetamine: Information and additional resources on the topic

Learning outcomes include:

  1. Identify and access up-to-date and accurate information on methamphetamine.
  2. Recognise that graphic advertising campaigns on methamphetamine breed unnecessary fear.
  3. Understand that the methamphetamine problem has been distorted by mainstream media.
  4. Demonstrate that methamphetamine treatment is not radically different to other substance abuse treatment.
  5. Apply their existing skillset for dealing with substance abuse and intoxication to methamphetamine treatment.

The course is open to both Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) members and non-members. RACP members can earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits (1 credit per hour) for the time they spend on this resource.

Participants must register for a free eLearning@RACP account in order to access the course.

Developers: This resource was developed by eLearning@RACP with input from a number of expert contributors. Please see resource for full list of contributors.

Costs: Free

Year: 2017

Evidence base: This resource has undergone expert review.

Page last reviewed: Tuesday, 20 September 2022