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Meth Check: 'Ways to Stay Safe' Harm Reduction Booklet

This resource is by Insight.

This resource provides a brief harm reduction booklet for people who use methamphetamine.


Summary: The Meth Check: ‘Ways to Stay Safe’ Harm Reduction Booklet contains basic information and practical harm reduction advice for people who are currently using such as crystal methamphetamine (‘ice’).  It also includes tips for reducing or stopping methamphetamine use. 

The developers recommend health professionals complete a short e-learning program about methamphetamine before using any of the Meth Check tools.

Developers: This resource was developed by Insight as part of Queensland Health’s response to crystal methamphetamine (‘ice’).

Costs: Free to download. Hard copy versions are free in quantities of 1. Postage fees apply for higher quantities.

Year: Developed 2016. Last updated 2022.

Evidence base: This resource has undergone expert review.

Page last reviewed: Tuesday, 28 June 2022