Ice Breaker
Legal penalties for drug offences relating to methamphetamine in Australia are different in for each of the states and territories
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Summary: The Cracks in the Ice app provides trusted, evidence-based, and up-to-date information and resources about crystal methamphetamine ('ice') for the Australian community.

Key information areas include:

  1. Get the facts about Ice
  2. What are the effects of Ice?
  3. Staying safe

There are also targeted resources available for specific groups including families and friends of someone using ice, health professionals, schools, and community groups.

App features include:

  • Trusted, evidence-based information about crystal methamphetamine ('ice') for the Australian community
  • Access key information, resources and functionalities even when offline*
  • Search content with ease to quickly find all the relevant information you are looking for
  • Get notified about the latest evidence-based information about crystal methamphetamine ('ice') as it breaks
  • Share relevant information with friends and family
  • Save information and resources to read later

Cracks in the Ice was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health, informed by community members across Australia and developed in collaboration with researchers from the Matilda Centre for Research in Mental Health and Substance Use at The University of Sydney, the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at the University of New South Wales, and the National Drug Research Institute at Curtin University.

* Note: some features and external web-links will still require internet access to function.

Page last reviewed: Friday, 24 January 2020