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Summary: A self-paced, interactive e-learning program for health professionals and community workers responding to methamphetamine use.

The program covers basic information about methamphetamine, including:

  • Types of methamphetamine
  • Brief history of methamphetamine
  • Trends in methamphetamine use in Australia
  • Effects of methamphetamine
  • Treatments for methamphetamine

The program also introduces tools for health professionals including a brief intervention tool and a psychostimulant early intervention flowchart

Upon completion of the program, participants are asked to complete a brief quiz to test their knowledge and will receive a printable certificate as evidence of learning.

Note: the full-day training package introduced in this program is available in Queensland only. If you require training in another State or Territory, click here to access a free online training program for frontline workers.

Developers: This resource was developed by Insight as part of Queensland Health’s response to ‘ice’ crystal methamphetamine.

Costs: Free

Year: 2016

Evidence baseThis resource has undergone expert review.

Page last reviewed: Tuesday, 7 May 2019

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