Ice breaker quiz

True False Unsure
1. Methamphetamines (including ice and speed) are the most popular illicit drugs in Australia
2. Most teenagers have used ice
3. Ice is generally more potent (strong) than speed
4. You always know what you’re taking when you use ice
5. Using ice can affect your sleep
6. Taking ice with other drugs can reduce the risks of harm
7. Ice use can lead to serious long-term physical effects
8. It is impossible to break an ice dependence
9. You can go to jail for using methamphetamines, including Ice.
10. It is legal to share ice with friends
11. Most of the time, police will not be called when an ambulance is attending a drug overdose
12. It is illegal to drive while under the influence of ice
13. The effects of ice are short-lived
14. Low doses of ice will not impair driving skills
15. Ice will cause psychosis in all people
16. Ice use can make you feel agitated or distressed
17. Ice use can make you feel paranoid
18. Legal penalties for drug offences relating to methamphetamine in Australia are different in each of the states and territories